Avoid Spam by Controlling How You Use Your Email Address

Unsolicited email, most commonly referred to as “spam” can be one of the most daunting problems to deal with in computer networks. It is the modern equivalent to receiving paper junk mail at your home or business. You didn’t ask for it, or want it, but once it starts it doesn’t stop!

At home, with physical mail, junk mail is usually easily sorted out because the quantity of it is relatively limited. With computers however, because of the low cost to distribute it, no postage or paper involved, the quantity that can be sent can quickly grow out of control.

Most people automatically assume that the best way to deal with it is to filter it out, just as you would do at home with your physical mail. The problem of course, is that the quantity of spam is usually too large to filter by hand. As such, most people look for software or hardware to do the job for them. Unfortunately, software and hardware spam filters or spam blocking solutions are not as efficient as the human brain. As a result, filtering frequently will miss some spam, and likewise misidentify good emails as junk emails (false positives). False positives then would require you to look through the spam folder your filter moved it to, which, if you think about it, really defeats the purpose of the filtering software in the first place. Not an ideal situation.

Filtering is a little like cutting weeds in your garden. You can cut them out but they will continue to grow back because you didn’t pull out the roots! This then begs the question: How do you pull out the roots of the weed we call spam?


If you really want to prevent spam, and not have a continual fight with it, you have to change your behavior. Unfortunately, the spammers know human behavior pretty well and take advantage of it at every turn.

Consider that there are two reasons to have email.

To collaborate/communicate with people you already know for either personal or business purposes.
To communicate with people you don’t currently know in hopes of generating new business, or new opportunities that could benefit us in some way either personally or professionally.

Number 1, rarely gets us in trouble. It is Number 2 that puts us the spammer’s radar!

The personal behaviors we engage in that most commonly relate to number 2, involve things like:

Placing our email addresses on business cards
Placing our email on websites
Using our email to register with/for an online service.

On the surface these all sound pretty innocuous, and for the most part they are, until you start to expand from those points and see the bigger picture.


We all want to do more business! Giving people multiple ways to reach us generally translates to more opportunities to make a sale. Including our email on a business card is naturally a smart thing to do from this perspective and is a common practice that is expected. This is not a problem so far.

Now ask yourself:

How do I handle my business cards?
Do I only give them to people I physically meet or do I try to spread them around everywhere possible?

Most do the later and that is where we can get into trouble.

Consider those restaurants with the glass fishbowls that say:

“Drop your card, and you may win a Free Lunch!”

Ask yourself:

Is anything really ever free?
Why do they want your business cards anyhow?

If you just realized it is for email harvesting, you guessed right! You knowingly supply your email when you engage in something so seemingly harmless. You just asked for spam and didn’t even know it!

Take a good look the next time you see one and most likely there is a small label somewhere on it that says you agree to be added to their mailing list! Some don’t even tell you this though.

The same problem can arise from pinning your business cards to a bulletin board, or placing them in one of those multi-card “business centers” you see hanging on the wall in some commercial establishments.


Your Company’s Website:
Placing your email on a website seems like it should make sense, and in the past it did. Then the very same technology that allows search engines to aid us in finding the websites we are looking for became the tool of spammers too!

Bots or Crawlers can be set into motion to electronically “read” websites scanning for emails to harvest for a spamming list. When used for this purpose they are called Spambots.

With your own website that means don’t list your email addresses directly. If you must list them at least use creative measures that make it more difficult for bots to harvest your emails. Preferably use web forms that do not openly expose your emails and instead embed them in a form processing management solution not visible to a spambot.

Additionally, limiting the use of full names of individuals on your website will limit the chances of email guessing programs and overly ambitious sales people too!

Social Networking and Commentary Sites:
Consider that email harvesting is not just limited to your company website, but also any website you may participate in, including commenting on blogs, discussion forums, etc. If you post it (your email), the spam will come!

Along the same lines profiles on discussion forums, AOL, social networking websites, etc. can also be a source that spammers can harvest your email from! When using such services be sure to protect your profile and limit what others can see about you from your profile. If you don’t, your email will be ripe for the picking for spammers.

Selling Sites/Auction Sites:
By now it should be all too obvious, but listing your email openly on any website is just begging for trouble. This would also include places like craigslist and eBay.

Free Offer/Contest Sites:
Clicking on banner ads for “free” coupons, products, services, or anything for that matter can be an extremely bad decision. “Free” is rarely free!

Often such activities send spyware or viruses to your computer. Likewise, directly visiting sites that offer you something for “free” and are considered reputable, (think Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entries) are not the place to be investing your time if you want to avoid spam.

You can be sure that the form you’re filling out that asked for your email address is collecting it for their own mailing list or worse looking to sell your email address to somebody who will spam you later, or perhaps both.

Also note that being on one list opens the door for that list to be sold to other lists! The problem can quickly multiply!

Registrations for Downloads:
Along the same lines, sites where you have to fill out a form to download something often ask for your email or require you to supply your email address for the same reasons.

You may be starting to realize that what you consider spam, can both come from sources you never signed up for and from sources that legitimately gathered your information and suckered you into receiving their emails too!


If you’re willing to commit to control how you handle your email address then there is hope for stopping/preventing the spammers and reducing or eliminating the need for expensive spam filter/spam blocker solutions.

If you are already overloaded with spam and you want it to stop, CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

It may seem like a pain to do, but more than likely you’ll have a much easier time telling the people you expect emails from your address has changed, than stopping or filtering out the spam barrage you are currently dealing with.

Once you have an unpublished address you can now follow these tips to prevent spammers from getting to you:

DO NOT leave business cards in fishbowls in restaurants, on public cork boards, on multi-card business center advertising holders. If you want to do so, have separate cards made that do not include your email address. Then be diligent to protect it by making sure you remember which card you are posting publicly!
DO NOT list your email address on your company website. Rely on forms that mask your email.
DO NOT provide your REAL email address on ANY website form requesting it, where a download or “free” offer is provided. If you must use the site, or need the download, and you are required to provide an email, then have an alternate DECOY email to use for such purposes instead. Expect this DECOY email to receive spams and only use it to view the details sent regarding the download or offer you are interested in. Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail are reasonable free options to use to create an email account that you don’t care about, but that will allow you to complete the task without causing your REAL email to get spammed. Just remember to clean out your decoy email’s inbox once in awhile, or at least before you submit it on a form.
DO NOT ever post your email address on a discussion forum or online chat for the world to see.
DO NOT ever post your email on craigslist.com, eBay, Usenet forums or similar sales/exchange sites for the public to see. Most services like this allow your email to be hidden and can provide a generic email address through their site which will forward to your REAL private email address.
DO NOT allow your email to be publicly displayed on any social networking/dating or chat sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc).
DO make sure to turn on any profile blocking security measures offered on forums, AOL, social networking sites, etc. to prevent your email from being obtainable.
DO treat your email like it is PERSONAL INFORMATION and do not share it openly with anyone you do not want to correspond with. When you open it to the world, the world is likely to email you!
If you do end up with spam, DO NOT reply to it or click an “unsubscribe” option. Most likely doing so will only confirm to the spammer your email address is live (especially if they are using an email guessing program) and you”ll most likely end up with more spam.
DO exercise caution when visiting unknown websites!
DO follow good common sense measures to protect your computer from viruses and spyware as even these can result in spam, if not to your email, to the emails of the people in your address book!
Use business email accounts for business and personal email accounts for personal matters.

Remember, controlling how we use emails and who we provide them to will go a long way toward avoiding spam and reducing the need for costly spam filters and spam blocking solutions.

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Finish Your Kitchen Remodeling With Satin Nickel Door Knobs

Have you undertaken a kitchen remodel project and are not sure if it is complete? Do you feel like despite the new pots, pans, fancy gadgets and new appliances, something is still missing? You are probably correct! One of the most overlooked aspects to most in-home renovation projects includes removing and replacing door handles. Check out the following tips to finally give your kitchen that finishing touch.

Tip 1: Choose Your Color and Finish
Once you have begun your kitchen remodel, the thought of entirely repainting the walls or tearing down the hand-hung wall paper may seem too daunting to even begin. However, with the proper door hardware accessories, you can change your style-without the added stress, hard work or additional finances. Typical door hardware materials include: nickel, chrome, brass, stainless steel, iron and copper. Depending on your kitchen’s style, you need to determine what material will work best. For homes with smaller children, generally installing stainless steel hardware parts works best; these pieces are easily cleaned to reduce germs. However, if you like the look of stainless steel but are looking for a more affordable price, choose satin nickel door knobs; they compliment any style and are also easily cleaned.

Tip 2: Create a Unique Style
If you are concerned that your style seems mundane or run of the mill, try to incorporate unusual yet trendy aspects to your kitchen accessories. Door handles are available not only in just round knobs but also in drawer pulls and pull tabs. But, believe it or not, door hardware is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Why not try to weave your family’s hobbies and extracurricular into your decoration? By choosing door knobs that match your hobbies, you’ll create a truly unique kitchen design. This is a great solution to getting children involved. However, if you do have children, avoid shapes that have sharp angles or edges that can cause accidents.

In addition to fun shapes, why not consider alternating the size of your cabinet door knobs? Depending on your height, certain cabinets – either extremely high or low – can be difficult to reach; by replacing certain levels of knobs with larger handles will enable you to quickly navigate throughout the kitchen and cook meals faster!

Tip 3: Choose the Placement of the Door Knob
Similarly to the size and shape of your door hardware, installing the door handle in a different location may make life easier as well. Especially for those hard to reach areas, reaching for the corner of a cabinet close to the ceiling can be next to impossible. By reinstalling your new knob in the center of your cabinet, you and your family members will access your pots, pans and dishware much more conveniently.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Extras
While you are installing new kitchen hardware, be sure to keep your themes consistent. Floor registers, hinges and screws should all be purchased in the same or similar material and finish, unless you are aiming to produce an eclectic theme. To accentuate your style, choose the appropriate lighting fixtures that best suite both your style and your needs. If you are a busy home, a single hanging fixture over the center of your room might not be the most practical choice. Similarly, having multiple racks of track lighting may be excessive for single or small family-sized homeowners.

Tip #5: Show it Off
There’s no better way to show off your newly renovated kitchen design than by throwing a party! Gather friends, family, neighbors or just your immediate family to come to your home. Whether intentionally or not, congregate in the kitchen. You’ll be instantly rewarded with the compliments you receive for your unique, complete kitchen style. You’ll probably even be asked to divulge some of the home renovation tips you’ve employed in your design-it’s a sure sign of success!

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How to Install Exterior Handle Sets on a New Door

Handle sets can dress up your home and add security from intruders. They’re available in a number of different styles and finishes to go perfectly with your personal style and existing décor. You can have handle sets installed professionally but you can also do it yourself. When installing a handle set onto a new door you’ll need to cut out the holes where the hardware will be installed. It’s important to get the measurements exact or it will not close properly and it can be annoying if the handles are too low or too high.

Basic instructions on how to install handle sets on a new door:

· The first step is to gather up all of your tools. You’ll need a screwdriver, tape measure, chisel, square, marker, drill, coarse file and a round saw drill bit for cutting holes.

· Support the door on its side and secure it in place. You don’t want the door moving around while you’re trying to drill holes.

· The average door is eighty inches high and the handle set is placed forty-six inches from the top and thirty-six inches from the bottom. This places the handle where it’s convenient for the average size person to use. It can be adjusted according to your personal preference.

· After determining where the handle set will be placed use the template and mark the center part of the latch hole. Now drill a hole approximately three inches into the door.

· Use the template to mark the center of the hole that will be used for the lock body. Be sure and align it with the latch hole perfectly. Use the round saw drill bit the size of the template to cut out the hole for the handles.

· Use the file to sand and smooth the edges of the hole and use the chisel to cut out the recess where the latch plate goes and then use the screws to attach the latch to the door.

· Hang the door and secure with the hinges and you’re ready to install the hardware.

· Use the latch plate to mark the location of the strike plate, chisel out the hole and install the strike plate with screws.

· Insert the interior handle and line up the shaft with the opening in the latch and then slide the outer handle through the hole and into place while coupling it onto the shaft.

· Line up all the pieces and use screws to secure them together.

· Move the handles up and down and open and close the door a few times to make sure everything is working correctly. If there is a problem you’ll need to loosen the screws and adjust the pieces then retighten. Repeat until the handles work correctly.

Not all handle sets will be installed the same way but the basic instructions are the same. Therefore, using the information above can help you install most handle sets. Most manufactures will include installation instructions with their handle sets so it is always a good idea to read these thoroughly prior to drilling your doors.

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Picking an Appropriate Door Handle For the Front Door

Having a beautiful front door is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Front door hardware is an important component of any door assembly. Here we will discuss several factors to be considered when selecting a front door lock.

Door hardware is available in a wide rage of quality and price. Determining your budget will help you narrow down your options. Like any product you get what you pay for.

Brands like Kwikset, Schalge and Dynasty Hardware offer options for budget minded consumers. These brands offer nice quality hardware with product warranties in many designs and finishes.

Emtek is the perfect option for homeowners willing to spend a little more. Emtek door hardware is available in hundreds of styles, designs and finishes. Emtek allows consumers the option to choose from a large selection of knobs, levers and rosettes. With Emtek you can purchase split finish hardware without experiencing long leadtimes. Each Emtek order is custom assembled at the factory and is shipped to the Emtek dealer in 1-2 days. Emtek door hardware is made of solid brass or bronze depending on the style you choose.

For consumers desiring the highest quality door hardware available, Rocky Mountain Hardware and Baldwin Hardware are options they should consider. Rocky Mountain Hardware is handcrafted. The designs of Rocky Mountain are mostly rustic. Baldwin Hardware’s product offering includes a wide range of designs and finishes. Both Rocky Mountain and Baldwin are made from the highest quality materials to ensure lasting quality.

Making sure you order the correct type of door hardware to fit your door is perhaps the most important consideration. The two most popular types of door hardware are Mortise and Cylindrical. Each type of hardware requires a certain door prep to allow them to be installed on your door.

Mortise locks require a pocket in the edge of the door. The “Mortise Pocket” is where the body of the lock will be installed. Installing a Mortise Lock can be tricky and requires precise measurements and attention to detail. If you decide on a mortise lock you may want to have a qualified installer do the work for you.

Cylindrical locks are the most common type of front door hardware. Cylindrical locks normally require two holes be drilled into the face of the door for installation. There are two different types of cylindrical front door locks, sectional and monolithic. Sectional locks are where the deadbolt is separate from the bottom handle. Sectional locks allow for the holes in your door to be at any distance apart and they still fit. Monolithic locks are locks that have a plate on the outside where the deadbolt is connected to the bottom handles. Monolithic locks require that the holes in the door be a certain distance apart for the lock to fit. The most common spacing between holes is 5-1/2 inches. Another important measurement to consider when installing a Cylindrical lock is the backet of the latch. Backet refers to the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole on the face of the door.

Some front door locks require you to specify the handing of your door. This often a source of confusion for may consumers. There are many different ways to hand a door. So that you do not get confused simply follow these guidelines. If you do not order the correct hand hardware it will not fit. To determine the handing of your door always stand on the outside of your door.

For cylindrical locks from the outside, while facing the door if the hinges are on your right you would order a right hand lock.

For mortise locks you need to also consider if the door swings in our out. So, for a mortise lock, if while standing on the outside of your door, and facing the door the hinges are on your left and the door swings in the handing would be a left hand in-swing.

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Alienware Aurora Review – Find Out Why This Entertainment Desktop Is So Exceptional

Stay one step ahead of your gaming enemies by playing on a computer that runs powerful and fast. The Alienware Aurora is a desktop PC that offers exceptional performance AND expandability. If you ever want to add more hardware and upgrade the current components in the future, you will be able to do so easily.

The computer has factory-overlocked processors that will never overheat. The chassis is designed for optimal thermal control. It’s easy to open the case door – you can easily pop it open with a hidden lever.

There is a wide array of features and ports on the outside of the case. On the top part of the tower you will find a hidden port cubby with audio ports, USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, and more. There are more USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on the back. There are some video ports on the graphics card, including two HDMI ports, two DVI ports, and a Mini DisplayPort.

The graphics technology is superior with the Alienware Aurora. Enjoy immersive gaming with 3D technology and state of the art graphics. 7.1 THX certified sound technology delivers amazing audio. When you’re playing your favorite game, you’ll be able to hear an enemy from a mile away. The sound is so realistic that you really will feel as if you are immersed in battle.

The Intel Core i7 quad-core processor can handle just about anything with its 3.6 GHz capabilities. You can also expect up to 2 TB of storage space and 8 GB of installed DDR3 RAM. If that isn’t enough, there is an option to upgrade the RAM up to 18 GB. Customizing this desktop is easy. You can select the features and components YOU want when placing your order.

As for the optical drive, you have options for both single and dual disc drives. The single disc drive options include a 24x burner (dual-layer) and a Blu-Ray reader. If you want them both, you can simply add a dual disc drive to your order.

The Alienware Command Center technology provides intuitive access to exclusive applications, such as the thermal controls, power management, and lighting effects. It’s up to you how much energy you want to use on any application.

Add this desktop to your home networking system. The standard communications technology is an integrated gigabit Ethernet NIC (10/100/1000 Mbps). Bluetooth and 802.11 Wi-Fi are optional.

When it comes down to it, you won’t find a better entertainment desktop like the Alienware Aurora. Due to its durable-build and expandability, you can expect it to last for years. Overall, it’s a great investment.

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Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts

Cooking is a hobby for many people. However, the commercial processors have drawbacks like being noisy and consuming a lot of power. It is the reasons many people prefer the Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts. They are available at affordable prices and are there to keep the existing unit operating efficiently.

When having broken food components, the Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor parts like batch bowl blades, disc protectors, lids, seals, and motors are available for replacing the broken components. Additionally, among Robot Coupe parts are other grids and discs that can be in use in slicing, chopping, dicing, and sharing of fruits and vegetables.

Commercial food processor parts are the best to use since they have interchangeable blades and disks, unlike other processing material parts like the blenders. Additionally, the commercial food processor elements have broad and short bowls which are a proper shape for the handling of the solid and semi solid food. Also, food parts do not need any liquid for the particles to move around the blade, unlike the blender parts that require a given liquid amount to operate.

Commercial processors are of different types; hence the parts are different depending on the type of commercial food processor. The Robot Coupe Blixer 2 has several parts that include transparent lid made of the polycarbonate to enable the cook to see the food processing inside the processor from the beginning to the end. It also has a leak proof and a handle for better gripping. Also, a leak proof lid is for preparing liquid food. An inbuilt scraper is also there for the efficiency of the processor.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 3 is another food specialized for chefs. Its parts include brushed stainless steel bowl for holding liquids. It also has an induction motor, a single blade, flat metallic base, scraper arm, leak proof lid, motor, brake, and magnetic, mechanical safety system. Furthermore, its cover is of polycarbonate design.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 4 is a high powered food that has several parts. It has four control buttons including a pulse switch and a control knob to allow the user to change between speeds. It has a brushed bowl made of stainless steel and an ergonomically designed handle. It has a safety lock arrangement. The base is metallic. It also has a single S-shaped blade with a serrated edge.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 5 is the powerful food processor for the chefs available in the market. It has a 3 HP motor and a pulse control. It has 5.5 quarts brushed stainless steel work bowl and a handle. Its lid has an opening to feed in solids for grinding and mixing. Also, its blade is removable.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 60 is a food processor specifically for the commercial purposes. It has an 11000 watts motor and a sophisticated control panel. Additionally, it has stainless steel buttons and a bowl scraper to ensure consistency within the work bowl. For more information concerning the food processor parts, visiting the Robot Coupe website will help a great deal.

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How The Quality Cables And Wires Ensure Safety Of Your Home

In any home, you come across cables and wires that connect electricity to various appliances. The utility company comes in with a recommended power cable and wire used to make the connection of electricity to the building. For your safety and to have the power connected to various appliances, a homeowner must ensure the cables and wired used during installation are the high standards, original and strong.
Cables and wires around your home or office give a messy look. If the wires are exposed, it becomes dangerous. You do not want to trip and get injured or cause a fire. People must remain cautious by buying insulated wiring products. One product you can try is the rubber cable.

Strong power cabling needed

The power cable arrives as an assembly of electrical conductors held together by a sheath. It allows for the transmission of electricity to various rooms and appliances. You can install them within the building walls, bury them underground and run overhead. The flexible cables are used for machinery, mobile tools and portable devices. The power cable to try when carrying out projects includes the YJV22 4 Core 120mm steel tape, 0.6/1kV 240mm2 4 Core Armoured, Aluminum Conductor PVC Insulated and the Copper PVC Conductor Insulated Steel Tape.

Rubber cables for your home safety

If you want protection from wire and electrocution, use a rubber cable. The rubble insulated cables come in different styles and metric size and they can snap into any outlet quickly. These are ideal for outdoor applications. They come in salient features making them ideal for any environment. With the installations, they remain resistant to chemicals and natural materials because of good insulation feature. The recommended rubber cable to think of includes the 450/750 Volts 35mm2 cable, the EPR Flexible cable and the Flexible Silicone cable.

Welders have different choices

The welding cable carries welding current, making it easy for a contractor to do their job. These cables are made using fine copper strands. They are hidden inside a non-conductive jacket or insulator. The strands of copper give the welding cable flexibility when compared to other electrical conductors. When buying the welding cable, determine the total length of the circuit, the Duty cycle from the power source and Rated output of the welder source. When in need, you can try the YH 95mm cable, the 2/0 Flexible welders cable and the Oil Resistance 4/0 cable brand.

Consider your home building wire

Your home wiring must be done correctly because if you fail to check this, you face problems with electricity. You will not get power in various rooms. For this reason, you must choose the best-rated building wire for installation. To avoid common issues, go with the certified building wire such as 2.5mm House electric wire, the 600V PVC Insulated and the 4mm2 Copper Core electric wire.


When you want to do indoor and outdoor wiring and cabling, Installing proper wire and cable remains paramount. By doing so and sourcing for original products, you ensure smooth electricity transmission. Besides, sourcing the right products and using a contractor to finish the job guarantees you safety.

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Tips To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Appliances

Homeowners purchase stainless steel kitchen products and appliances for their strength, attractive looks, usefulness, and capacity to oppose stains and rust. So it’s not surprising at all that these things always have a high demand, highly coveted, and sometimes awfully costly as well.

In any case, as the time passes by, because of consistent wear and tear, the covering begins to come off and a slight rusting begins to show up at the surface. This unattractive stain decreases the value of your appliance and it will eventually make more issues for you later on.

So, what steps you need to take to safeguard your expensive appliance?
How would you expel rust from your stainless steel barbecue grill?
Or, on the other hand, what steps you need to take to expel the rust from your stainless steel sink?
Or, how would you expel the rust from small things like a stainless steel knife?
Did you expel the tarnish from the surface of your stainless steel appliance?

For small things such as a folding kitchen knife, you should simply splash useful oil or lubricant, like WD40 on the surface where there’s too much rust, then take a paper napkin or towel and wipe it down properly. This generally expels most part of the rust from the stainless steel surface.

However, in case there are still some rust stains on the surface, you can take some high quality sandpaper and delicately rub it on the rusted areas. In any case, don’t try too hard or else you’ll end up removing the defensive covering and uncover the fresh metal. If you end up breaking or engraving the surface, you’ll make more issues for yourself later on.

Remember, removing the rust from a stainless steel sink is not an easy thing to do at all.

There are two approaches to clean the stain from your sink, either you call for professional help or you can do it yourself (DIY).

If you have made your mind to do the cleaning work on your own, then you need to take the natural way to expel the rust.

For this task, you’ll require some baking soda, fresh lemon juice, and white vinegar. Simply assess the appropriate amount of every ingredient after analyzing the size of your kitchen sink, and then blend the ingredients to make a paste and spread it over the affected area.
Allow it to settle for a couple of hours to give time for your natural rust remover to work, break, and disintegrate the rust. At that point simply wash the paste and stains away and wipe the sink dry.

Utilizing chemicals can ruin the surface of the sink. Instead, hire professional services for stainless steel rust removal. Professional cleaners know how and when to use the right amount of chemicals on the surface of your stainless steel sink and other expensive appliances.

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Trendy Kitchen Designs

When a homeowner decides to remodel their kitchen there are many ways in which you can do this. One way to accomplish this is to use a trendy kitchen design idea. You want to make sure that the kitchen design that you choose is something that will have staying power and not appear outdated within a few months. Exactly what you can do will depend on your budget. One thing that is different is to change the color of the walls. In the 70′s there was the phase of kitchen colors of avocado and harvest gold kitchens. Today the trendy kitchen design is to have a white kitchen. Yes, this seems a risky color, especially if you have children. Painting your walls white in the kitchen is a remodeling project that will not break the bank. It also allows you to use various color schemes and it will be easy to change the color themes if you get tired of the present on.

Looking back in time at the kitchen appliances you can see that overtime they were evolving and now the trendy look are stainless steel appliances. Yes, these are generally more expensive than white or colored appliances. Having stainless steel appliances can help cut back on the time needed to keep the outside cleaned. In commercial kitchens you will find their appliances are stainless steel because they are easy-to-clean and rugged. They also last a long time and can withstand the commotion of the busy home. They do not scratch easy and it is easier to keep the stovetop clean because they resist stains. Yes they are a little more expensive but they will last longer and save homeowners money by not having to replace them as often.

Another new trendy kitchen design is having glass-front cabinets. They are a must if you have a small kitchen because the open look can make the space feel bigger. They give your kitchen the same feeling as open shelving and they allow you to see inside the cabinet to make sure you have the right one for what you need instead of searching each cabinet. Glass-front cabinets will make your kitchen look timeless.

One of the new trends is utilizing farmhouse sinks with the apron-front farmhouse sink being the most popular. It gives the kitchen a modern feel with a nostalgic look. This type of kitchen sink is meant to provide depth so you can avoid splashing yourself when you are doing dishes and are also wide enough to hold more dishes and pots and pans. To add to this trendy kitchen design you should consider using a backdrop or tile backsplash behind the sink made of subway tiles. They are inexpensive and good great with most any other material.

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The Kitchen Renovation Tips You’ve Been Looking For

Are you starting to get a little bored with your kitchen’s look? If so, it may be the right time to consider a kitchen remodel. There are thousands of kitchen remodeling options and ideas for every budget, but before getting the sledgehammer out and stripping that old wallpaper, it is best to review some helpful planning tips and tricks. This way, you are better-prepared for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project!

The First Step to Kitchen Remodeling

There could be hundreds of things wrong with your kitchen, all of which can be fixed with some effective planning. Take a look at your countertops, your electrical connections, your fuel supplies, appliances, floors, cabinets, and more. Make a detailed assessment regarding the condition of your kitchen, and from this, make a list of what you do and do not like about it. Be sure to write all of this down so that you can refer to it later. These are the first steps to considering a kitchen remodel!

Countertops, Appliances, Floors, and More

Stained or cracked countertops? Might be the perfect time for new ones. Old and outdated appliances? It’s a good investment to upgrade these with new ones. What about the floors? Are they in need of polishing or replacement? Another good investment. These are the ideas that should be running through your thoughts as you make this list of likes and dislikes.

Electrical Connections

Now, have another look at your kitchen’s electrical connections. If you cannot run one appliance while using another, this may be something that you want to change. You will need to change your kitchen’s fuel lines if the gas is not working, and repair the electrical connections for all other appliances.


You want to also consider your kitchen’s plumbing and pipe-works. Inspect for any leaks, loud noises, or clogged drains. Any presence of all three will require master plumber services before a kitchen remodel can take place. At this point, you might want to also assess all your kitchen plumbing remodel wants and desires. Perhaps you want to install a dishwasher? This is another option to consider in the beginning stages of kitchen renovation planning.

Cabinets and Other Aesthetic Upgrades

Once you have located and determined all the needed repairs and desired alterations in your kitchen, it is time to consider the aesthetic upgrades that will customize and complete the entire look. This includes cabinet replacements, flooring replacements, plumbing fixture upgrades, and more. Remember to trust a qualified and professional general contractor for reputable and effective Indianapolis kitchen remodeling services, advice, and information.

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